Kindle, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display

"New Kindle leaves rivals farther back." - New York Times
"Amazon's newest Kindle is the best ebook-reading device on the market. It's better than the Apple iPad, the Barnes & Noble Nook, the various Sony readers…" - Fast Company
"Simply put, it's the best dedicated ebook reader you can buy… Amazon has managed to increase the contrast on the Kindle in a way that sets it above the Nook, Sony Readers, or any other dedicated ebook reader we've tested." - PC Magazine

Kindle is our #1 bestselling item for two years running. It's also the most-wished-for, most-gifted, and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon. Now it's even better.

  • All-New, High-Contrast E Ink Screen - 50% better contrast with latest E Ink Pearl technology
  • Read in Bright Sunlight - No glare
  • New and Improved Fonts - New crisper, darker fonts
  • New Sleek Design - 21% smaller body while keeping the same 6" size reading area
  • 17% Lighter - Only 8.5 ounces, weighs less than a paperback
  • Battery Life of Up to Two Months - A single charge lasts up to two months with wireless off
  • Double the Storage - Up to 3,500 books
  • Built-In Wi-Fi - Shop and download books in less than 60 seconds
  • 20% Faster Page Turns - Seamless reading
  • Enhanced PDF Reader - With dictionary lookup, notes, and highlights
  • New WebKit-Based Browser - Browse the web over Wi-Fi (experimental)
Special Offers - Special offers and sponsored screensavers display on the Kindle screensaver and on the bottom of the home screen—they don't interrupt reading

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